Summer Night

Summer Night
Let's Get Lost by the Sea

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Friend named Joe

I once knew this man named Joe
for his heart was made of gold.
Although he wouldnt want no one to know
but i sure would love for it to be told.
He  tries so hard to be tough
but i am sure some days he has had enough.
There is diamonds, rubies and sapphires in treasures
but his worth is priceless the kind you cant measure.
For I searched for a friend
but my heart found one in the end.
He has been there for me with his shoulder when I was blue,
for now I pray i can be there for him .
Some days I feel like I am in bondage
but nothing compared to his trials..I wish i had his courage.
For I wish I could take his problems away
and thrown them in the ocean to stay.
I know one day I will have to let go of
my friend for which my heart has found love.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daughter got bit by a pit bull

Well yesterday was a stressful day .  My daughter Brtitany was bitten by a pitbull dog. 
Yes I know nosurprise that is was a pitbull. She was walking down a walking trail with
 her boyfriend. While they were walking she noticed as she came around the corner
 that there was two pit bulls off leases standing there growling. Well of course as
anyone would be she was scared but she knew enough not to run.  So she kept walking
well sure enough the one pit bull attacked her arm.  He bit her and scratched her arm. 
 Her boyfriend yelled at the owner to get his dog.  Then she went to the emergency room
 to get her arm checked out. Nothing worse then feeling so helpless and know you really
 cant do nothing for your child. Just want to take their pain away but you can't do that. 
 Thankfully God watched over her and it wasnt worse.  Sometimes I wish people would
 not have pit many people getting mauled, killed and hurt.  Careles owners not
watching their dogs.  My theory is what goes around comes around and some day those
 owners will get theres! 

Friday, April 8, 2011


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I love Hummingbirds...

Monday, April 4, 2011

If you made the Earth...what color?

Just been wondering something...yes i know for you who know me I
do this alot.  But I was wondering if  we would have a chance to design
the world and colors of things how would we do it. If we could design 
people and animals would we do it?   I mean why is the
sky blue and grass green?  Why do leaves change colors in the fall?
Why do they fall off in the late fall?  Why are some of the stars in
designs? How did God decide to name things?  And have you
thought about the design of our human bodies .  How great we
are designed.  How women can carry babies and deliver them when
the time comes for it.  Why does the ant have a exoskelton?  Why do
we have to get old?   I mean there is so many things i so wonder
what and how we would design the world.  If u could do it what
would you do?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our God is Awesome

Sometimes I wonder why the things happen that do.  I had this friend
on interpals and when my account got deleted I lost her.  Well I made
 this new account and I was searching for some new friends and I came
across this man's profile that said in his status area this ladies name .
She has a very unsual name so I was almost sure it was her, so I
sent a message to this man .  Well days later he finally replied back to
me and said that he was almost sure it was here too.  I described some
things she told me about her and he said sure enough was her.  So he
told her I was back and she sent me a message.  So now we are back
in touch and get this she leaves in the morning for a month's vacation.
Tell me OUR GOD IS NOT  AWESOME!   I just think he is so amazing.

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what you would do when faced with a gun to your head? 
What thoughts would be running through your mind?  When your life flashes in
 front of your eyes...would u be happy that you led a full respectable life or would
u look back with regret?  Is there things u wish u would have done?  Or have
you done everything you wanted too?  If you could go back and change things
would you do it?  Knowing you might change all the good things in your
life just to have the one thing u wanted to change?  I have been thinking
about this alot lately.  Wondering what would I change if I could.  Is there
things you would change if u knew no way it would make things go wrong
in the future?  IF so what would they be?