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Summer Night
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daughter got bit by a pit bull

Well yesterday was a stressful day .  My daughter Brtitany was bitten by a pitbull dog. 
Yes I know nosurprise that is was a pitbull. She was walking down a walking trail with
 her boyfriend. While they were walking she noticed as she came around the corner
 that there was two pit bulls off leases standing there growling. Well of course as
anyone would be she was scared but she knew enough not to run.  So she kept walking
well sure enough the one pit bull attacked her arm.  He bit her and scratched her arm. 
 Her boyfriend yelled at the owner to get his dog.  Then she went to the emergency room
 to get her arm checked out. Nothing worse then feeling so helpless and know you really
 cant do nothing for your child. Just want to take their pain away but you can't do that. 
 Thankfully God watched over her and it wasnt worse.  Sometimes I wish people would
 not have pit many people getting mauled, killed and hurt.  Careles owners not
watching their dogs.  My theory is what goes around comes around and some day those
 owners will get theres! 

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