Summer Night

Summer Night
Let's Get Lost by the Sea

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our God is Awesome

Sometimes I wonder why the things happen that do.  I had this friend
on interpals and when my account got deleted I lost her.  Well I made
 this new account and I was searching for some new friends and I came
across this man's profile that said in his status area this ladies name .
She has a very unsual name so I was almost sure it was her, so I
sent a message to this man .  Well days later he finally replied back to
me and said that he was almost sure it was here too.  I described some
things she told me about her and he said sure enough was her.  So he
told her I was back and she sent me a message.  So now we are back
in touch and get this she leaves in the morning for a month's vacation.
Tell me OUR GOD IS NOT  AWESOME!   I just think he is so amazing.

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