Summer Night

Summer Night
Let's Get Lost by the Sea

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what you would do when faced with a gun to your head? 
What thoughts would be running through your mind?  When your life flashes in
 front of your eyes...would u be happy that you led a full respectable life or would
u look back with regret?  Is there things u wish u would have done?  Or have
you done everything you wanted too?  If you could go back and change things
would you do it?  Knowing you might change all the good things in your
life just to have the one thing u wanted to change?  I have been thinking
about this alot lately.  Wondering what would I change if I could.  Is there
things you would change if u knew no way it would make things go wrong
in the future?  IF so what would they be?

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