Summer Night

Summer Night
Let's Get Lost by the Sea

Monday, April 4, 2011

If you made the Earth...what color?

Just been wondering something...yes i know for you who know me I
do this alot.  But I was wondering if  we would have a chance to design
the world and colors of things how would we do it. If we could design 
people and animals would we do it?   I mean why is the
sky blue and grass green?  Why do leaves change colors in the fall?
Why do they fall off in the late fall?  Why are some of the stars in
designs? How did God decide to name things?  And have you
thought about the design of our human bodies .  How great we
are designed.  How women can carry babies and deliver them when
the time comes for it.  Why does the ant have a exoskelton?  Why do
we have to get old?   I mean there is so many things i so wonder
what and how we would design the world.  If u could do it what
would you do?

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