Summer Night

Summer Night
Let's Get Lost by the Sea

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Friend named Joe

I once knew this man named Joe
for his heart was made of gold.
Although he wouldnt want no one to know
but i sure would love for it to be told.
He  tries so hard to be tough
but i am sure some days he has had enough.
There is diamonds, rubies and sapphires in treasures
but his worth is priceless the kind you cant measure.
For I searched for a friend
but my heart found one in the end.
He has been there for me with his shoulder when I was blue,
for now I pray i can be there for him .
Some days I feel like I am in bondage
but nothing compared to his trials..I wish i had his courage.
For I wish I could take his problems away
and thrown them in the ocean to stay.
I know one day I will have to let go of
my friend for which my heart has found love.

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